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This is also why calling Roland Emmerich a B-movie filmmaker is more compliment than insult. There are certainly problems with Emmerich’s films — character development that goes nowhere and a whole slew of logical incongruities — but to-date, his films unfold with the earnestness necessary of all truly great B-movies. Too many modern filmmakers try to make their mark by wink-nudging their way through a rehash of familiar blockbuster tropes,

walking a fine line between paying homage to classic B-movies and reminding you that this is an aesthetic choice, not a true indicator of their talent. This misses the point. The movies that endure as good-bad cannot be simple pastiche; audiences respond not to their technical limitations or mistakes, but rather, to their unbridled enthusiasm. The original Independence Day was Emmerich and his crew operating at full-hilt, and part of the reason we remember it fondly is because of the moments where it overreached and missed. It’s easy to poke fun at President Levison’s speech, for example, but the movie is undeniably less engaging without that grand gesture.

And even if you reject Emmerich and all that his wonderful explosions stand for, there is no denying his casting. Emmerich has always had a soft spot for putting the intellectual front-and-center in his movies; this has created such unlikely disaster movie leading men as James Spader in Stargate, Matthew Broderick in Godzilla, and Jeff Goldblum in the original Independence Day. In an interview for the original film, the latter admitted that being cast as the smart guy in the room was an awful lot of fun. “I get to be the one who first figures out what’s going on,”

 Goldblum told the Dayton Daily News, “that they’re going to attack, and I get to save the world.” It’s been too long since we’ve seen Goldblum front and center in a major Hollywood blockbuster; Independence Day: Resurgence promises to turn back the clock to the 1990s. We appreciate all that you do for television shows like Portlandia, Jeff, but it’s time for you to go read computer screens in a nine-figure blockbuster again.


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